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November 06 2013

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Android Ad Networks

Nowadays, almost everywhere you look; you will see someone using a mobile phone. They have become a part and parcel of our daily lives and we will not feel complete without them. The popularity of cell phones is constantly increasing and there will soon be a time when everyone in the world has a mobile phone. Even today, there are already more than 4.5 billion people that use cell phones in the world. This has already surpassed the number of people that use laptops. The main reason mobiles are so popular is because they have a variety of uses apart from the regular calls and messages. They can be used to socialize, as a means of entertainment and even a source of information. And when it comes to mobile operating systems Google and Apple are currently at the top of the leader board with their Android and iOS platforms respectively. While Apple commands a little over 13 % of the market share, Android commands a whopping 81 % which is miles ahead of anything else. It is safe to say that Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world. Therefore, it only makes sense that most mobile advertising campaigns would want to take advantage of an Android ad network in order to reach most mobile users in the world.

Android devices can be used for anything from organizing tasks to marketing. There are multiple opportunities to advertise on this platform and some of these advertisements even include features like click to call. Android is clearly the industry leader as far as operating system's is concerned. But what I'm concerned with is how you can make use of this platform to help promote your business.

Android is based on an open source, free operating system which means that you can easily implement advertising campaigns on their mobile devices. Even though mobile advertising is not too big right now, the Android platform is certainly taking up maximum share when it comes to mobile advertising all over the world. And since Android has support from Google (its parent company), it is only obvious that marketing is very easy on this platform. In fact, you can even design ads which are to be viewed specifically on mobile devices and nothing else. What better way of reaching out to an audience that includes millions of people.

Google purchased a mobile ad company by the name of Admob in 2009 and have started their own Android ad service as well. Considering the fact that there is nothing better than Adwords when it comes to advertising on the computer, I'm sure it's just a matter of time before Google manages to cement its place in the mobile advertising industry as well. If you haven't started taking advantage of this humungous industry yet, now's the best time to get started. Why would you want to wait till it's too late?

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